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Which 40 Positive Value Adding Ideas To Others Lives Excites You The Greatest As A Leader?

There are many many many great leaders who's top level number 1 priority, goal, mission, purpose and objective in life is to make other people's lives far better and far far more pleasant!!

There are different types of leaders that make a positive difference to the lives of others in a range of different areas across society.

One example of great leaders is 5.4 million United Kingdom Business Leaders who all contribute to the growth and "FORWARDS & UPWARDS" expansion of the United Kingdom Economy!

Based the positive value you personally want to add to the lives of others or currently add, this determines the specific type of leader you are right now or you dream to be in the future.

Review Some Characteristics / Ideas / Interests / Contributions / Mindsets

This allow you determine which type of current great leader you are, and who is the very best person to inspire, up lift, training, advise and empower you personally to become an even greater higher level dream leader that you want to become.

Here's A Leaders Positive Value Adding List To The Lives Of Others To See Which Specific Items Relate To You Personally The Most In Terms Of How You Want To Enhance Lives!

We don't all want to do the same things, and we don't all want to contribute the same positive things to far better lives for others. So just select the specific items from this list that excites and inspires you personally the most to determine "what type of leader you are" and who is best to give you advise and even higher level inspiring:
- Make others Lives even Better!
- Make others Lives Far More Pleasant!
- Make other Lives more Happy!
- Up Lift the Lives of Others!
- You prefer to have a Positive Mindset and a Up Side Positive Outlook on Life!
- Elevate the Lives of Others!
- Make others Lives more Fun!
- Inspire the Lives of Others to Live A Better Life!
- EMPOWER the Lives of others so they can Live Even Better!
- Make a Positive contribution to the Lives of others charity or non-charity contribution!
- Inspire others to also develop a far more Positive "Up Side" Mindset so they can Live a Far Better Life and also then make other people's Lives Even better!
- Build a Better Higher Level Life Style for others to Live and Enjoy!
- Educate people so they can add value to the United Kingdom Economy and to the Lives of people in society!
- Educate people so they can contribute higher level to the Growth and Expansion of the Untied Kingdom Economy!
- Educate people so they can get the dream jobs they want to do and want to Live!
- Raise people's visions to a higher level "Positive Up Side" level so Lives Can Get Even Better going Forwards!
- Build Up the United Kingdom Economy!
- Serve a Better Life for Others!
- Provide products / services / solutions that other people need, want and desire!
- Add value to the Lives of Others!
- Increase peace into the minds and Lives of others!
- Increase serenity into the minds and Lives of others!
- Increase tranquility into the minds and Lives of others!
- Increase Enjoyment in the Lives of Others!
- Increase confidence in the Lives of Others!
- Increase Success in the Lives of Others!
- Increase Optimism in the Lives of Others!
- Build Up a Better, Far More Pleasant, Far Higher Level, Far More Superior Life Style for 60 Million Other People's Lives!
- Help each other!
- Live Life To The Full and support Others to do the same!
- Develop peaceful, pleasant, enjoyable working environments to enhance the productivity and value that people provide to Others Lives!
- Help people who do feel un-well, to feel better or who are ill to get better and Live Better!
- Enhance the Lives of people who are sick!
- Innovate, Design, Create, Develop, Build Up a Better, Higher Level, Far More Pleasant Life Style for People in society to Live and Enjoy!
- Build the UP SIDE Better Life for Others!
- Build an International Business to serve Far Better Far More Pleasant Life Styles for Others To Live And Enjoy!
- Contribute to the Increase in United Kingdom Employment!
- Make customers very Happy!
- Focus on the "Up Side" for Life to Build up a higher level Better Life Style for Others!
- Team Building to increase your positive contribution to a higher level life for others!
- Passion for A Greater Life for Others to Live and Enjoy!
- Be Courageous!
- Be 100% Law Abiding!

From Your Selected Preferred Items Its Critical To Now Determine Who's Best To Advice You Personally To Achieve Your Own Leadership Goals, Empower You And Team Up With For Greater Positive Results!  
Based on some of these 40 Characteristics / Ideas / Interests / Contributions / Mindsets here are some great Leaders to inspire, advice, train, educate, empower you to be a truly greater leader and to enhance others Lives in the specific fields that excites you the most.

Based on the advise from highly successful leader who have already made others people's live better and far more pleasant, its important to get your advise and guidance from the great leaders who already have a proven track records in achieving your own personal desired goals, who have exactly the same mindset as you do ie your advisors leader mentors and people you team up should also share your top level number 1 priority "Up Side Positive Better Life Building Focused And Mindset". Make sure you get the right advisors from the right genuine leaders that honestly share your own vision and Up Side Better Life Focus in order to increase the positive results and increase the greater positive value to you can also add to the Better Life for Others!  

Select From These 10 Great Brilliant Fantastic Leaders That Can Inspire / Advise / Empower You To Also Be An Even Greater Leader In Your Own Selected Better Life Building Field!
Leader David Cameron, United Kingdom Government Prime Minister is your best adviser, empowering sources or inspiration if you are most excited about things like building up a better, far more pleasant, higher level far more superior life style for 60 million people. Plus if you are also excited about Building Up the UK Economy! If you want to achieve this then you are more online and share the same "Up Side Positive Better Life Mindset" to become a future Prime Minister. This is of course a  super high level responsibility as a Leadership position and it may be a bit hard to get direct advise from Prime Minister David Cameron since he's extremely busy improving, enhancing, up lifting, elevating, empowering, making better, making more pleasant 60 million people's lives.

Leader RT HON Sajid Javid MP Secretary Of State For United Kingdom Government Department Business Innovation Skills is again your best adviser, inspiration, empowerment source for enhancing, elevating, up lifting, empowering a better higher level more superior life for 60 million people, if that excited you personally the most. Plus Building Up the United Kingdom Economy again is Sajid Javid's top level number 1 priority and Up Side Better Life Focus. Since Sajid Javid's Government Department is the leading UK Government Department in supporting business success, growth, achievement plus employment for workers across the entire United Kingdom! United Kingdom Government Dept BIS also adds value to Innovation across the entire country which also adds massive massive Positive Up Side Better Life Style value to the lives of 60 million people.

Leader Dr Catherine Raines Chief Executive United Kingdom Government Department Trade And Investment is another greater leader to empower you if you want to enhance, inspire, build up a better, higher level far far more superior life style for 60 million other people to Live and Enjoy! The United Kingdom Government Department Trade and Investment has generated 3 million jobs in the United Kingdom for British Citizen's to all "Work Better" and all "Live Better". The UKTI based on their foreign trade support for UK Business has also supported a £540 billion investment by EU businesses into the United Kingdom in the last 10 years that supports a far better, higher level life style for every single of the 60 million people living across the entire United Kingdom. Dr Catherine Raine Government Department UKTI has supported 44% of foreign trade and sales into the United Kingdom coming directly from EU businesses and EU consumers.

Leader Simon Stevens Chief Executive National Heath Service NHS is your empowering positive inspiration leader for you if you are excited about elevating the lives of people who are ill or sick. While ideally no one ever has to use the NHS, at least the NHS is there across the whole UK so anyone can access this great brilliant Up Side Better Life Building Health Service to improve, enhance, elevate their own life if they are ill.

Leader Nicky Morgan Secretary Of State United Kingdom Government Department Education is another source of positive better life inspiration if you are excited about educating people (kids) who are our great future positive contributors for a better life for society. If you love the idea of educating and training young people who will in the future either get a job they love or start a business they love. Which ever it is the kids choose in the future, Nicky Morgan's UK Government Department and all United Kingdom Teachers / Headmasters are empowering, up lifting and inspiring young kids and university students to all Live an Even Better Life going forwards and to make a massive positive contribution to the Lives of Other People in society. Plus contribute to the on going "Forwards & Upwards" growth and expansion of the UK Economy when they all grow up to a workable age.

Leader John Maxwell Business Leadership Coach Trainer is another great sources of positive Up Side inspiration if you want to build up a successful business and be a great business leader. John Maxwell shares lessons, mentoring, training and positive inspiration for becoming an effective business leader. Brian Tracy is another great Up Side Better Life Style Builder and has created a very successful business and coaches and trains people to develop a very positive Up Side Focus mindset so they can all live a better higher level life style. If you want to inspire other people to be successful in business and be great leaders, you can learn from these great leaders.

Leader Ian Dyson Head Of City Of London Police Force is another great leader. But if the 40 ideas, characteristics, topics are not fully exciting for you and not really your own preferred top level number 1 priority, you personally prefer to prevent the down side of life, rather than to Build Up the Up Side of life Ian Dyson is your perfect advisor. If your own personal number 1 priority is not necessarily life enhancement but is to 100% to make sure people's lives are not harmed or injured. If your top number 1 level priority is to "reduced" "eliminate" and "wipe out" the crime rate for the whole of society to "zero", then your very best leader inspiration and advisor is Ian Dyson Chief Commander Of The United Kingdom, City Of London Police Force.
Its fair to say that close to 100% of people across society want to all live in a safe, protected, legal, "zero" crime rate environment. It's worth noting that any Police Force Officer be it Police Constable or The Head A Division or area are all leaders and can all train other people on how to eliminate and reduce the crime rate to "zero".

Leader Tony Robbins Positive Motivational Speaker Builder Of An International Business. Going back to the "Up Side" Better Higher More Pleasant Life Focus" Tony Robbins is another great positive better life builder and Up Side inspirational leader. He has trained and inspired many many many people across society internationally to all live a far better and far higher level life style. He supports with his own business a better higher level life styles for business and non-business people. Les Brown and Norman Vincent Peale are more truly great brilliant leaders that also inspire and truly empower the Up Side for Better Lives for Others to Live really Enjoy!

Leader Sole Trader - If you want to be a sole trader business leader, find a sole trader in your area (please don't delay or interrupt their positive contribute to the UK Economy and to Better Lives for Others To Live). However if sole traders are happy to work with you, advice and empower you to built your own one man band business that can support your greater  higher level positive results. 

Leader Sir Richard Branson Founder Of Virgin International Business is a truly great fantastic brilliant source for "Positive Up Side Better Higher Level Life Building". As a great business leader he has made a massive positive Up Side contribution to:
United Kingdom Economy Forwards & Upwards Growth and Expansion
United Kingdom Employment 
United Kingdom Innovation that makes the Lives Better for "every single person across society"!!
UK key, critical, 100% important public sector services for the Lives of people in society
Better life styles created and built up based on his Virgin Business Charity Foundation
Richard Branson has made 100,000s of lives far better, far far more pleasant, more happy, more enjoyable, more positive, more Up Side, more fun with his truly great business Virgin! 

There are other great business leaders that can also inspire you to BUILD UP A FAR BETTER LIFE STYLE:
Jack Welch Ex-GE CEO
Indra Nooy CEO Pepsi
Ginni Romtty CEO IBM
Oprah Winfrey empowered the lives of 100,000s around the world
Sam Walton Founder Walmart
Larry Page Founder Google
Howard Schultz Founder Starbucks International Business 
Duncan Bannatyne Dragons Den Built up a multi million pound business
Mark Zuckerberg Founder Facebook 

Leader Dave Lewis The CEO Tesco International Business is another great leader that can also inspire you to live a better life, contribute to a better life for others and build up a better life. If you are excited about leading a large corporation Dave Lewis can give you great advice and guidance and inspiration for being a great leader for building an international business. 

Steve Jobs Founder Apple is also a truly great leader if you want to Innovate, Design, Create, Develop, Build Up a Better, Higher Level, Far More Pleasant Life Style for People in society to Live and Enjoy! Unfortunately Steve Jobs is no longer live, but he can still empower you and you can still learn from videos, articles, blogs and books produced with Steve Jobs. People like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Vincent Van Gogh, Nikola Tesla, The Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page are other great Up Side Better Life Building Leaders who have innovated and created a far far better far far more pleasant life style solutions that other people across society can now all Live and Enjoy!



As mentioned you may not have full direct access to all these great UP SIDE BETTER LIFE BUILDING LEADERS, for example not everyone voted for him and his political party but in terms of getting advice from someone on how to BUILD UP A FAR BETTER HIGHER LEVEL MORE PLEASANT FAR MORE SUPERIOR LIFE STYLE FOR 60 MILLION PEOPLE, DAVID CAMERON IS JUST A LITTLE BIT BUSY ENHANCING 60 MILLION OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES!

You can still get positive up side better life inspiration from David Cameron if that's your goal. For example read Positive Up Side UK Government Department Business Innovation Skills news via Twitter since this is Positive Empowering Better Life news from the UK Government. If you have other leadership goals, desires, purposes that excite you (ie you personally want to enhance and up lift 10000 customers lives, educate 50000 kids lives, make 1000 patients lives even better, empower 20000 other business leaders for far greater higher level success, rather than Build Up 60 million people's live) there are other great leaders listed above that will EMPOWER YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE LEADERSHIP BETTER LIFE VISION and UP LIFT the LIVES OF OTHERS. The 40 life enhancing ideas and great leaders listed above all leads to your own preferred desired areas of positive contribution to better lives for others to Live and Enjoy!

To your own Greater Higher Level Leadership Success and a Better, Far Far More Pleasant Life Style for you personally and for all those you work with, service and team up with! 

Dwight Harrison
Entrepreneur / Author 
Business Pleasure Exposed

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