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Dwight Harrison

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Does Leader Richard Branson Have A Positive Better Life Up Side Win Win Win Mind Focus?

Richard Branson Business Great Leader has already done and created many many things to make many lives even better, far more pleasant as the leader and founder of Virgin International Business.

There are many many many other positive better life focused people who have also done a massive range of great positive things to make people's lives far better, far more pleasant and progress to an even higher level!

While not everyone wants to, or chooses to be a leader, every one of us has the great capacity and ability to be a great leader and make a positive contribution to the far better, far more pleasant, higher level life styles for other great people to Live and Enjoy!   

So What Is A Win Win Win Positive Up Side Mind Focus Leader?

There is a Leader RT HON Sajid Javid MP Secretary Of State For United Kingdom Government Department Business Innovation Skills (BIS) who's GREAT BRILLIANT UP SIDE BUILDING TEAM make a massive massive massive positive contribution to the "Forwards & Upwards" Growth And Expansion of the United Kingdom Economy. The United Kingdom Government Department Business Innovation Skills positively contributes to a far better and far more pleasant life for 60 million people to ALL Live & Enjoy as a great Up Side Win Win Win for many many many great people! 

Here is a another Leader Dr Catherine Raines Chief Executive United Kingdom Government Department Trade And Investment (UKTI) who's great Up Side UK Economy Better Life Building Team also makes a massive massive massive positive contribution to better more pleasant lives for 60 million people! 

Some great UKTI win win win examples are the fact that UKTI have with foreign exchange business with the EU created 3 million jobs in the United Kingdom for 3 million UK people to ALL "Work Better" and also ALL "Live Better". 

United Kingdom Government Department Trade And Investment Department are the key top level drivers for the £540 Billion foreign investment into the United Kingdom by EU foreign businesses, which add even more greater positive value to the better lives for ALL 60 million people! 

UKTI also added value in Building Up Lives with EU connections since 44% of United Kingdom foreign business revenue comes from the EU, which also creates an Up Side Win Win Win for all 60 million people like just like BIS.

Another Leader is Simon Stevens Chief Executive National Heath Service NHS which enhances, elevates, up lifts, improves the lives of people that are sick, ill or unwell. Another Up Side Win Win Win positive contribution made for better life styles for others to live that are not well or sick.

Brian Tracy is a Great Successful Positive Up Side Focused Better Life Building Business Leader. He coached and trained many many entrepreneurs and many business leaders to support their own business wonderful business success and enhance, up lift and elevate their own Positive Up Side Mind Focus and their own Lives! 

The reason begin as Brian Tracy advised great business leaders, FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE UP SIDE of LIFE, TO BUILD UP A BETTER LIFE EVEN FURTHER. Richard Branson also advised great business and non-business people to "Have a Positive Outlook on Life".

This positive life and positive mind focus advice creates a Far Better, Far More Pleasant Higher Level Life Style for many many people to Live and Enjoy!

Since Brian Tracy trained many business leaders, sales people, entrepreneurs on how to increase their own Positive Up Side Mind Focus, they all can then also make an even better more positive contribution to the Better Lives of others with their own greater higher level business success as another great Up Side Win Win Win for multiple people to Live and Enjoy!    

Another great Leader is Ian Dyson Head Of City Of London Police Force. The focus here in "LAW ENFORCEMENT" which is not so much about building up the Better, More Pleasant, Higher Level Up Side of Life since preventing illegal activity is not the top level number 1 reason others people's lives become even more happy, more enjoyable, more peaceful, more wonderful, more brilliant or more pleasant.

However preventing illegal activity makes sure 1000% that people do not get more unhappy, or get more unpleasant, or get more negative lives.

Its may sound a bit crazy but if our BRILLIANT GREAT United Kingdom Police Force (Leaders), Crown Prosecution Service (Leaders), Judges (Leaders) come up with a great solution to "eliminate" "reduce" "totally wipe out" the crime rate to "zero" and convert the "United Kingdom into a totally zero rate crime free 100% Legal Country" that would be even greater!

100% Legal Country would allow all my fellow United Kingdom Up Side UK Economy Better Life Building Legal Construction Team Members (Details UK Legal Construction Team Here: to all faster progress life styles to even better, more pleasant, more higher levels then they are all already doing right now as great brilliant law abiding Up Side Win Win Win better life UK Economy Builders.  

Leader Tony Robbins Positive Motivational Speaker Builder Of An International Business is another Up Side Builder who has up lifted and inspired many many many many people all "live a better life", "build up a better life" and "positively contribute to a far better more pleasant life for others". 

As a great Positive Up Side Focused Business Lead and motivational speaker he inspires so many many many people in business and non-business to ALL LIVE a far better, far more pleasant life, so they can ALL Live And Enjoy Better More Pleasant Life Styles!

Tony Robbins also enhances multiple lives and he creates a fantastic Positive Up Side Mind Focus for Up Side Win Win Win, just like great positive business leader Brain Tracy does for multiple people to All Live & Enjoy!  

Steve Jobs Leader & Founder Of Apple International Business was another great Positive Up Side Better Life Builder who created and innovated multiple great solutions for many many people in society to ALL live and enjoy with their iPhones, Apple Macs, Apple Tablets, IPad, etc. 

Since multiple people all benefit, having more happiness, more pleasant and more enjoyment from Steve Jobs better life Up Side Win Win Win innovate creative mind focus, Steve Jobs is also another great Up Side Win Win Win better higher level life style creator for many many many people to All Live & Enjoy!   

There are great leaders at different levels and different positive Up Side Better Life Builders in different areas of life and across society as you now have already learned from the various different great brilliant leaders all listed above (and below).

For example a mother (leader) and father (leader) supports, develops, inspires, contributes to a better life for their young son and their young daughter.

While UNITED KINGDOM PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON LEADER creates, develops, enhances, makes a Massive Massive Massive Positive Up Side Contribution by elevating, up lifting, enhancing, inspiring, empowering a FAR BETTER, FAR MORE PLEASANT, MORE SUPERIOR, HIGHER LEVEL LIFE STYLE FOR 60 MILLION PEOPLE AS AN UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN TO ALL LIVE AND ALL ENJOY!

So where does Richard Branson's Positive Up Side Better Life Win Win Win Mind Focus make OTHER LIVES EVEN BETTER AND FAR MORE PLEASANT? 

QUESTION: Does Richard Branson Have A Positive Better Life Up Side Win Win Win Mind Focus?

Richard Branson Leader:

Richard Branson Positively Contributes to the "Forwards & Upwards" Growth and Expansion of the UNITED KINGDOM ECONOMY UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN just like great BIS & UKTI!

Richard Branson positively contributes to United Kingdom Employment with 50,000 people who work in Virgin International Business UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson contributes to United Kingdom Innovation that enhances the Lives of People across society just like the UK Government Department BIS does again UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson Leader makes the lives of his other Virgin Business leaders CEOs, Mangers even better and more pleasant another UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson makes life far better for Virgin Business suppliers that also service Virgin Business positive progress and success again another UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!


"Live Life To The Full" Richard Branson

Richard Branson makes a positive contribution for key public sector services for society another UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson's business supports and positively contributes to a better life for Business Partners with Virgin Business so they can all grow and expand as other businesses another UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson make's a positive contribution to a better life for others with Virgin Business Charity Foundation for other people's lives out side of Virgin Business and separate to society. This positive Up Side contribution also make lives get even better, more pleasant, more enjoyable and progress to higher levels another UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN!

Richard Branson make a massive positive contribution and greatly supports the Positive "Forwards & Upwards" growth, progress, elevation, expansion, success of other BRILLIANT FANTASTIC Start-Up, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  

Since start-up businesses, business owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs all collectively make a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE POSITIVE UP SIDE BETTER LIFE STYLE BUILDING CONTRIBUTION to Far Better, Far More Pleasant, Far More Enjoyable, More Peaceful, More Happy, More Higher Level Lives, More Successful Lives For Others to ALL LIVE AND ENJOY again another great UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN! 

Its now 1000% obvious why you personally want to make sure that you really do work with, surround yourself with, collaborate with, team up with POSITIVE UP SIDE WIN WIN WIN BETTER LIFE FOCUSED LEADERS if you also want your own personal life to get even better, get more pleasant and make a good positive contribution to the BETTER LIVES FOR OTHERS!




"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." Bill Gates

The great positive better life inspirational quote above from Richard Branson is in the book "How To Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead - The Virgin Way"!

To your own truly great success, a better, far more pleasant and your own higher level life style!

Dwight Harrison

Entrepreneur / Author
Business Pleasure Exposed

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Enjoy A Better, More Pleasant, Higher Level Life Style and Thank You for what you do that makes Others Lives Even Better!
Dwight Harrison



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